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The long-awaited 2022-2023 Officer VideO
2022-2023 OFFICERS

Rachel Sweeney '23


Our fearless leader, Rachel "Blue Bell disrespecter" Sweeney, is a senior economics major from Wichita Falls, TX. Some of her favorite speakers include Ben Shapiro and Matt Walsh, and she recommends getting involved with YAF to find great conservative friends (and maybe a  fiancé, too). Outside of YAF, Rachel is involved with Club Swim & Anglican Aggies, and she can always be found at a Flatland Cavalry Concert.

STP-2297 copy.jpg

Caroline Klein '25


Caroline "get a picture for the email!" Klein is a sophomore  Political Science & Economics major from Tomball, TX. She is in charge of the emails (sign up!) and her favorite speaker is Dr. Burt Folsom. Outside of YAF, Caroline is involved in Pro-Life Aggies & Aggie ACHIEVE, and can be found in the front row at Midnight Yell, making pies, or working on her Google Calendar.


Ryan Lindner '25

Social Officer

Ryan "the lib" Lindner is a sophomore Political Science major from Hutto, TX (go hippos). He is in charge of planning all of our social events, which you should definitely attend! Rumor has it they won't all be at Rev's this year. Although he claims there is no life outside of YAF, Ryan is an opinion writer for The Batt and can always be found at Rev's, Walmart, or Sbisa.


Clancy Forlano '22

Vice President

Clancy “benevolent dictator” Forlano is a senior Aerospace Engineering major from New Braunfels, TX. Rachel may be the president, but Clancy is the evil mastermind behind this operation. He would love to discuss baseball and national maritime policy, but do not disrespect marching band in his presence. Outside of YAF, he is involved with Orthodox Christian Fellowship, and can be found on the 5th floor of Evans or designing rocket engines.


Grant Miller '24

Fundraising Laision

Grant "spiders don't have feelings" Miller is a junior Ag Economics major from Corpus Christi, TX. He is in charge of donor relations and fundraising for the club. He is most passionate about geopolitical and agricultural issues, and his favorite part of YAF is having political discussions with other conservatives. Outside of YAF, Grant can be found on West Campus or inviting Snoop Dogg to our events.


Joseph Church '24

Digital Outreach Director

Joseph "watch me do a handstand" Church is a junior Ag Economics major from Houston, TX, although he will try to tell you he is from Tomball. Or Italy. His officer position includes running the social media accounts, causing trouble at officer meetings, and informing Preston that the Astros are not cheaters. Outside of YAF, he is involved in the Ag Econ Society & is a college leader at Grace Southwood.


Preston Phillips '23


Preston "chicken fried steak connoisseur" Phillips is a senior industrial engineering major from Union Valley, TX. When he's not busy writing checks for our awesome speakers, Preston can be found raising his fish, Bob Dole, or enjoying a couple baskets of rolls at Texas Roadhouse. He would love to have lunch with Clarence Thomas & is your go-to guy for a philosophical discussion, and his hot take is that Texas should not secede. 


Reagan Hoelscher '24

Campus Outreach Director

Reagan "yes, like that Reagan" Hoelscher is a junior Animal Science major from Corpus Christi, TX. She leads our outreach events on campus and recommends signing up for tabling to get involved & make friends. Outside of YAF, Reagan is a huge animal lover, especially cats, horses, and spiders (?), and she is involved with TAMU Horsemen’s Association and Equine Ambassadors.

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