Caleb Haisler


Caleb “Ah Geez” Haisler is a senior Chemical Engineering major from Peoria, IL. Our fearless leader has big plans for TAMU YAF, and when he isn’t busy “owning the libs” or playing chess with our VP, you can find him eating brunch at the local Dennys.


Greg Salazar

Social Officer

Greg "The most social guy in YAF" Salazar is a junior public health major from Southlake, TX. His hottest take is that Chicken Express is better than both Laynes and Canes. When he's not hanging out with "the best Ags who defend conservative values on campus" you can find him hitting at the tennis courts, or running to catch the bus.


Lily Frosh

Digital Outreach Director

Lily “Kappa Kappa Zeta Tau Alpha Sigma Psi Pi Phi” Frosh is a Senior History & Psychology major from King, NC. If you’ve seen her instagram feed, you’ll understand why she got elected digital outreach director. In between travelling to every picturesque location in the continental United States, you can find her curating the best social media accounts this side of the mississippi (and when she’s in North Carolina, that side of the mississippi).


Clancy Forlano

Vice President

Clancy “no pictures please” Forlano is a senior Aerospace Engineering major from New Braunfels, TX. Caleb may be the president, but some circles refer to Clancy as the true brains of the operation. In his free time, he can be found “studying” on the library’s quiet floor (plotting world domination) or annihilating Caleb at chess.


Blake Martin

Fundraising Laision

Blake “legendary Twitter troll” Martin is a senior Political Science major from Fort Worth, TX. I don’t know about owning, but Blake can be found trolling the libs at all your basic redass aggie spots including but not limited to the chicken, the quad, and aggie football games. Unlike Tennyson, who has no favorite joke, Blake’s favorite joke is Texas football. Horns. Down.

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Madison Drake


Madison “I think I’m funny sometimes” Drake is an Industrial & Systems Engineer from Rockwall, TX. When she isn’t thinking about robots, excessively using parentheses, or telling dumb jokes (i.e. Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors? Because if it had 4 doors it’d be a chicken SEDAN!) you can find her annoying her fellow officers or laying on the floor in the engineering building (engineering is rough man).


Tennyson Tipton


Tennyson “negative takes sold here” Tipton is a senior Political Science major from “just put Harlingen, TX”. I don’t know why we let an avid poker player be in charge of TAMU YAF’s money, but here we are. If you’re looking for some positive vibes in your life, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for Aggie baseball’s #1 fan and a reality check, you know who to ask for.


Rachel Sweeney

Campus Outreach Director

Rachel “true neutral” Sweeney is a Junior Economics major from Wichita Falls, TX. She may be working for the bureaucracy but don’t let that fool you, she’s one of the most involved members of TAMU YAF.  When she’s not getting people involved with our organization, or running campaigns for student senate, she can be found at the REC natatorium practicing her pool-noodle-battle skills.